Round Window Bird Feeder: Watch Wild Birds Up Close, Great Gift for Bird Lovers & Fun Summer Activity for Kids

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Manufacturer Description

Watch Wild Birds Up Close Right Through Your Window The Bird Lovers Window Bird Feeder from Red Earth Naturals makes it easy for you to enjoy bird watching while relaxing in your easy chair, working at your desk, eating dinner or washing dishes. Round Window Bird Feeder makes a novel gift.

Bird Feeder Hanger mounts securely to any outdoor window with 2 sturdy suction cups that make attaching the Squirrel Resistant Hanging Bird Feeder a breeze. No need for one way window film for bird feeders as birds come right to glass to feed.) Made from acrylic, the Squirrel Resistant Bird Feeder will hold up in all kinds of weather. Round Bird Feeder has top that prevents rain and snow from spoiling seed.

The Finch Bird Feeder has a seed trough that can be filled with a paper cup. Comes with perch. Accommodates 2-3 small birds. Perfect for goldfinch, hummingbird finches and cardinals.

Dimensions of Mounted Bird Feeder: 7 inches in diameter Capacity: 7 ounces of seed. Fill with seed mix, nyjer or sunflower seeds. Easy to fill and clean. Hand wash.

Mount Bird Feeder Window on glass away from ledges, tree branches etc. so you won't have to worry about squirrels or raccoons. Do not mount birdfeeder on sliding glass door.

Modern Bird Feeder makes a great Apartment Bird Feeder - note: the Window Mount Bird Feeder is squirrel proof because squirrels can't scale glass to get to it.

Get a free copy of Attracting Birds to Your Bird Feeder. (Instructions for ebook are on the box.)

Buy 2 Window Mounted Bird Feeders for different windows in your home and Get FREE Shipping. You'll love all the beautiful wild birds that come up to your window to feed and play. Bird Feeders on Sale: Get One Now. This is the Best Window BirdFeeder.

Product Features

Window Bird House Makes the Perfect Gift for Bird Watchers & Is a Fun, Education Summer Activity for Kids. Wild Birds Love It & You & Your Family Will Love Watching Them Up Close. Bird Feeder Lets You Enjoy Birdwatching from the Comfort of Your Home While Relaxing in Your Favorite Easy Chair, Working at Your Desk, Making Dinner or Washing Dishes in Your Kitchen. Attracts a Variety of Beautiful Birds. For A Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder, Mount on a Window to Keep Out Pests (Do Not Mount on Windows with Panes or Sliding Glass Doors). [Bird Feeder Squirrel Proof] Mounts Securely to Any Window with Strong Suction Cups. Since Squirrels Can't Scale Glass They Can't Get Into It. (Mount Away from Anything that Squirrels Can Climb On or Jump From.) Durable Acrylic Holds Up in Any Weather, Top Piece Protects Birds and Seeds from Rain and Snow. Separate Seed and Water Compartments Or Fill Both With Seed, Easy to Fill and Clean. Get Yours Now! Buy One for Everyone On Your Holiday Shopping List. At Less Than $25, Makes an Affordable Gift. Comes with a Copy of "Attracting Birds to Your Wild Bird Feeder". (Ebook Download Instructions Are On Beautifully Designed Product Box.)

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